TWR72 - Lucid

TWR72 - Lucid


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A1: Lucid
A2: Erudite
B1: Colloquial
B2: Aporia

TWR72 is back with a full new story starring Lucid as the lead. Lucid dropped out of space on a world called planet earth. It's luminous and vivid appearance were instantly clear. At first Lucid was a bit reserved but during it's first steps it opened up and showed some colorful emotions and hints of it's personality. With detailed patterns of communication Lucid tried to find a way through this new world. Erudite, which was already for a more prolonged time on planet earth, picked up the incomprehensible code from Lucid and reproduced it into a solid and clever message. Erudite was keen enough to think of a way to communicate back with Lucid as it noticed Lucid needed help. But it needed someone else to bring the message to Lucid. So Erudite asked help from Colloquial who could easily transcript the message back to Lucid. Colloquial used different types of frequencies to connect to Lucid, but it wasn't that easy. Lucid already travelled further and was hard to reach. Therefor Colloquial tried to use heavier elements to make a more solid composition. Unfortunately not only positive things arrived from space. Aporia was a rather negative influence which disturbed the link between Colloquial and Lucid. Aporia tried to force the communication by continuously changing the elements of the message. But it wasn't all that bad, because at the end Aporia brought the two important elements of the message together.

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