Sleeparchive - Letter of Resignation

Sleeparchive - Letter of Resignation

4.50 9.00

A1: 5x3 I
A2: 5x3 II
A3: 5x3 III
A4: 5x3 IV
A5: 5x3 V
B1: Letter of Resignation
B2: Solitary Drinker
B3 Sleep Cycle 17 (Locked Groove)
B4 Sleep Cycle 18 (Locked Groove)

It’s time for our 20th release on Float Records. And who’s better to celebrate this with than Sleeparchive.
There is enough brilliance to choose from, but it all starts with 15 minutes of superiority on the 5x3 loop tracks on the A-side with that typical Sleeparchive sound. All containing disturbing drums followed by upperclass sequences which keeps on going.

The B-side starts with title track Letter of Resignation. Is this a clue from Sleeparchive? The future will tell. What we do know is that it continues where the A-side stopped. Again heavy hitting drums followed by a frisk sequence. He continues this formula on the 2nd track called Solitary Drinker. And above all we give you a small bonus with 2 locked groove presents: Sleep Cycle 17 & 18.

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