What are your top 3 oldskool techno tracks?

Very hard question, there are so many records that are still in my top 100 selection just for buying, so i will reduce the list to ones i have.
1: Jeff Mills - Gateway of Zen
2: The Advent - Bad Boy
3: Steve Robinns - Odyssey (one of the first tracks that got me into techno)

What’s number 1 on your bucket list? 

To live a balanced life, as it is an essential component of living.

What’s the most underrated equipment/software you have in your setup?

Nanokontrol 2.

If you were a classical musician, what instrument would you play?

Definitely the contrabass. 

What’s your favorite album cover?

Only because of design; Amon Tobin's Limited edition deluxe boxset.

Worst thing ever happened during a gig and why?

I had an Incident in 2009/2010, Christmas Eve. I was 17 years old, playing an all nighter set on a island near my city, a guy pulled a gun on me just because I stopped playing at 8 o'clock in the morning even though that was the deal with the club boss. That's the problem when the music stops, people go crazy. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Neznan - Tails of Tales [FLOAT013] will be out the 23th of September. The previews and his Float Records Podcast contribution are below.