What are your top 3 oldskool techno tracks?

It’s always hard making these lists because there’s so much out there that can be good/better in a certain mood. But the one track that got stuck with me has to be Track 10:30 by D-Saw. For me this is what techno is all about. A short loopy melody that can be heard for hours and hours and still blow your mind. I really dig old sounding stuff in freshly made music. Techno is supposed to be ‘futuristic’ and different but recognition can mean so much as well. For the other two I’m picking the less obvious ones but the ones that really got me inspired lately and describe my personal aesthetics. I’m going for Mode 05 by Fanon Flowers and Surgeon’s mix of Rue East’s Birmingham. I also want to mention the likes of Regis, Ruskin, Hawtin, Clarke and Beltram just to make sure I don’t offend anyone ;)

What’s number 1 on your bucket list? 

I don’t really have a bucket list but I’d love to one day make a classical score. This will probably take lots and lots of time and learning but some day this will be the ultimate goal for me as a musician. Classical music can at times still feel as future music to me. On short term notice I’d like to be free to do and free to feel. Maybe it’s time to quit my job and actually “live” music. Will keep you posted. 

What’s the most underrated equipment/software you have in your setup?

A microphone I guess. I have been recording the engine of a boat about two weeks ago and it might be the best thing ever. I also have that small Volca Bass by Korg. This thing can do a lot.

If you were a classical musician, what instrument would you play?

I guess the violin. Maybe I’m sentimental but fuck aye this thing goes straight to the feels in the right hands. My niece can play the violin with such emotion. Marvellous.

What’s your favorite album cover?

Probably a Pink Floyd album cover. Not because of the cover in itself but because of the music and the message connected to it. If I’m looking at covers all alone I couldn’t pick one. All is art

Worst thing ever happened during a gig and why?

I’m a producer before I am a dj. I never had an actual gig only some house parties and playing with friends. I’m still figuring out the best way to bring my musical vision and I don’t want to rush things. When I’m ready, I’m ready.(Look out for live action). The worst thing ever though happened when I was casually playing at a house party and a friend of mine threw beer over the cdj’s. Oh and the skipping of the needle for like twice when I bumped my elbow into the record player. Sometimes the space is just too small 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“She” by Charles Aznavour. “Con Te Partiró” by Andrea Bocelli. Watching football for a whole day after a night of heavy drinking. That lickerish kind of candy with the colours inside. I think it’s called Rockies or something. I should probably stop now..

Deauwd - Adept [FLOAT011] will be out the 6th of June. The previews and his Float Records Podcast contribution are below.