What are your top 3 oldskool techno tracks?

It's really hard to pick only three oldskool/classic tracks, it depends on the mood and how you build your set. But if I have to pick 3 those would most definately be:
Dj HMC - 6am
Jeff mills - the alarms. I think this track is going to play for years and years - really unique timeless feeling..
Drexciya - Sighting in the abyss, for some huge emotional ending..

What’s number 1 on your bucket list? 

It's quite tricky for me to answer that! I don't really have a bucket list, but my priority at this moment is to achieve peace of mind and harmony in every aspect of my life. 
These are considered tough goals, but hope for them. 

What’s the most underrated equipment/software you have in your setup?

Heh, I use a lot the Fruity Loops.

If you were a classical musician, what instrument would you play?

I really don't know, maybe the piano. I always loved how pianists move their fingers, the feeling and the passion that they make you feel when they play is unique.

What’s your favorite album cover?

The covers from the Jeff Mills series "Something in the Sky" are an absolute favorite. So futuristic and Sci Fi.

Worst thing ever happened during a gig and why?

Somehow one guy came inside the booth and put 100 euro on the mixer and said "play a track for Georgia (the country)".

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is that I play too much pool.  Sometimes I spend like 6 hours of playing pool and thinking of nothing..

Cirkle - Tension [FLOAT012] will be out the 25th of July. The previews and his Float Records Podcast contribution are below.