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Tracky, stripped-back and tough as hell, TWR72, delivers an ultra-lean cut of prime techno. And Float Records label owner.

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Oisel blends old and modern sonorities to express his own vision of techno.

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Born in 2015, but raised in the 90's, Fisssh knows his roots. Impressed by the impact of the drums, he bought his first techno vinyl when he was 14 years old.



Back in 1990, Kuf was born in Eskilstuna in Sweden. His experimental and analog approach with a raw, and at times minimal twist, is utterly refreshing.


Neznan is an excentrique producer from Croatia. Heavily influenced by high BPM oldskool techno. He'll always surprise you. 

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Sleeparchive grew up in East Berlin, but he did not belong to the GDR born and raised kids that embraced Techno as soon as the Wall came down.

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Techno in Cirkle his eyes, is affiliated with the evolution of the sound in the music industry and it's futuristic perspective.

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French artist with multiple influences, his music rotates in hypnotic and atmospheric realms, borrowing the sounds from far away universes and futuristic sonorities, taking the listener on a journey through darkness and mysterious soundscapes. 



With a tasty combination of analog sequences, a minimal approach and modest beats, Evod sets a unique standard and blends perfectly with the labels vision. 

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Inspired by the British heritage in his productions, P.E.A.R.L. is one of the best known young producers from the Spanish peninsula.

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Intrigued by the freedom, the uncertainty and the ongoing trip that is techno music, Deauwd is trying to find that sound to keep you locked inside. From his mind to yours.


Mike Parker

For more than 20 years, American artist Mike Parker has perfected a unique interpretation of techno music. His abstractions of sound and texture are now instantly recognizable to contemporary audiences.


Belgian collab founded 2018. PTTRN is controlled and operated by Arkline & Dave Brody. Purveyers of form in electronic music.


Spanish techno big shot Tensal is known for his unique quality. You probably lived under a rock if you haven't heard from him.

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You get an analog experience when you listen to the work of Dold from Sweden. A man of few words, but with a large amount of talent.

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Based in Paris, this driving and storytelling sequence queen is making her moves upwards. We introduce you: Hemka.


Altinbas is a belgian DJ and producer based in Brussels. Fascinated by the club experience, his musical influences are wide but he's firmly focused on Techno.