Float Records

Kuf & Dold - Sport | FLOAT019

Sport is the 2nd release by Kuf and Dold on Float Records. These guys from the north again delivered 4 solid tracks with minimal, but intriguing elements.

1: Kuf - Sport
2: Kuf - FM Loops
3: Dold - Moment
4: Dold - Revolution

Oisel - Multiverso (Part 1) | FLOAT018

Without a doubt one of the most promising talents from Italy is now part of the Float family! And we’re proud to present the first part of his debut project called Multiverso (Part 1).

1: Massa
2: Sigma
3: Uranio
4: Proxima B


TWR72 - Lucid | FLOAT017

A1: Lucid
A2: Erudit
B1: Colloquial
B2: Aporia



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Check out TWR72 who took care of the latest release called 'Lucid' on Float Records.