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Va - compilation two | FLOAT025

1: Neznan - Rotor (Jeroen Search Remix 2)
2: Hemka - The Mystery of the Black Flamingo
3: TWR72 - Colloquial
4: Oisel - Massa
5: Sleeparchive - Letter of Resignation
6: Kuf - Sport
7: TWR72 - Lucid (Psyk Remix)
8: Dold - Revolution
9: Cirkle - Voo
10: P.E.A.R.L. - Equinox III

Altinbas - Articulation | FLOAT024

If you want to be surprised in a good way you should give the new Altinbas a good listen. Two years ago Altinbas made his debut on Float and since that day he grew exponentially.

1: Altinbas - Articulation
2: Altinbas - SZ01
3: Altinbas - Intonation
4: Altinbas - Emphasis



The complete TWR72 - Lucid release wasn’t enough so it gets a remix treatment by Psyk, Henning Baer, ROD, Neznan and TWR72 itself. 

A1: TWR72 - Lucid (Psyk Remix)
A2: TWR72 - Aporia (Henning Baer Remix)
A3: TWR72 - Colloquial (TWR72 Remix)
B1: TWR72 - Lucid (ROD Remix)
B2: TWR72 - Erudite (Neznan Remix)


Sleeparchive - Letter of resignation | FLOAT020

A1: 5x3 I
A2: 5x3 II
A3: 5x3 III
A4: 5x3 IV
A5: 5x3 V
B1: Letter of Resignation
B2: Solitary Drinker
B3: Locked Groove I
B4: Locked Groove II



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