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Extraordinary is what comes to mind with this young producer. In every aspect. His age, his personality and not the least, his music. It’s all there in the right balans. We’re super happy to release his debut on Float Records: Xim. Three brilliant tracks that shows his skill, potential and signature sound.



James Bong - Odessa

James Bong debuts on Float Records with Odessa. A 3-track EP with highly functional tracks. Shift hits first with a strong forward driving vibe. Bleeps are going nuts on this one. Odessa, a simplistic but effective record that surely will do the trick on many dance floors. At last James takes it a notch down but keeps the obscure mood in the minimal journey Anrine.

Mike Parker / Cirkle - Metamora

Crazy right? Mike Parker on Float Records. With two originals he steals the show. Known for his iconic sound which is much imitated, never bettered. Just listen and enjoy both pieces of craftsmanship. On the flip side we have our well known Cirkle. With two successful releases on Float so far he now gets the chance to present himself on the magic black wax next to his personal hero Mike Parker. 

Out on the 2nd of November


TWR72 - ERROR (Series)

The ‘Error' series by TWR72: Where form, color, material and errors are the base of the musical output. Errors exist to let something develop and only with experiments errors are made. Without loosing their purity, TWR72 presents three minimal loop based tracks.  

The ‘Error’ Series are a collaboration between photographer Thomas Aangeenbrug, Float based graphic designer Merijn van Velsen and TWR72. Throughout 2018. The series has 4 complete releases.


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Belgian collab founded 2018. PTTRN is controlled and operated by Arkline & Dave Brody. Purveyers of form in electronic music.